A new generation of smart business aplications that help you train your employees, capture customers and optimize operations.

Boost the growth of your business

Unify global financial processes and operations to empower employees to quickly make informed decisions. Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations helps companies quickly adapt to changing market demands and drive rapid business growth.


Increase financial performance

Close books faster, generate strong reports, increase profitability with business intelligence and ensure global compliance.

Execute operations in a smarter way

Provide agility and efficiency to manufacturing to connect and optimize production planning, programming, operations and cost management.

Automate and optimize your supply chain

Modernize the supply chain with advanced unified warehouse and inventory management to improve compliance, sourcing and materials and logistics.

Turn compliance into competitive advantage

Meet the global and local requirements of your company, reduce risks and turn regulatory compliance into a market opportunity to develop your business.

Increase operational efficiencies

Increase the speed and accuracy of operations with optimized processes that effectively coordinate people, assets and resources to reduce costs, improve service levels and boost growth.

Improve strategic planification

Get a unified view of inventory, warehouses, manufacturing, service and logistics with predictive analytics that turn data into knowledge that helps making better strategic decisions

Innovate with a modern and adaptable platform

Boost innovation with an intelligent application that is easy to adapt, expand and connect with the other applications and the other services you already use.

Optimize employee productivity

Provide a single source of business intelligence that boosts the productivity of assets and resources, coordinates employees to achieve strategic objectives, and allows a real-time response to the demands of the organization and customers.


Promote operational excellence with Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

Discover the six emerging trends that are changing manufacturing and how connected operations are revolutionizing business growth.


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