Textile and Garment manufacturing companies that carry out not only the manufacturing but also the design of their products face a unique problem: the management of the entire design process, from its conception to its release to production. The tool that allows us to operate and solve this challenge is called a PLM system (Product Life management),
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Product specifications

With the PLM integrated in our ATX Dynamics Apparel & Textile solution, you can quickly and reliably access all the information related to the product, its specifications, manage the samples, operate the shipments, gather in a single tab comments and design observations both from your client and from your internal work team, much of this in a graphic way and with an orderly operation
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Management and cost estimation

ATX Dynamics Apparel & Textile PLM will also support you with the management and estimation of the production costs of a garment, the time to take a product to production can be reduced from 120 to 60 days using a tool with these characteristics

Quicl reaction to changes

Through the Dynamics Apparel & Textile PLM, your organization and your team could have on hand all the updated information of the garment or fabric, know if there have been changes and react quickly to avoid costly mistakes when entering production
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Control of variables

With ATX Dynamics Apparel&Textile you will have efficiency in the control of the variants of your styles, sizes, colors, quality, seasons and other dimensions of your activity
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