Once the thread is manufactured, the next step is the elaboration of the fabric. A fabric is a flexible laminar structure, resulting from the union of threads or fibers that bonded in an organized and systematic way, give it body, texture and strength.
There are several techniques for manufacturing fabrics, the most comon are weaving and braiding, also classified as flat fabrics or knitted fabrics. There are also other nonwovens made through fiber bonding. The processes involved in the manufacture of cloth usually involve warps, weaving, dyeing, fixing, stamping and finishing.


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Manufacturing Process Control

With ATX Apparel & Textile have control over the design and manufacturing processes of fabric. Integrate the pre production process, efficiently managing the variables, color, finish and quality of the fabric.
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Formula and consumption control

ATX Apparel&Textile provides you with the necessary efficiency in the control of formulas and consumptions, connecting our system with color kitchen systems.

Production orders

Know at any time the status of your production order through floor control tools, taking field information of your different machines.
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Warehouse management

We take care of your warehouses, raw materials and rolls of finished product perfectly located and identified to carry out a reliable commercial operation and keep your customers satisfied
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