ATX´s experience in the textile and ready-made garment sector has permited it to develop this specialized solution to satisfy this sectors demands. It is built within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP, so it exploits and takes advantage of all the functionalities of this powerful tool.
From the fiber to the distribution of the ready-made garment, Dynamics Apparel&Textile solves the problema throughout the entire production chain: Spinning, weaving, dyeing, printing, embroidery, cutting, sewing, packaging and distribution.
It does not matter if its maquila or own Brand in Dynamics Apparel&Textile you will find the functionality you need for this turn.


Warehouse management

  • Management of multiple indicators of material status.
  • Balance inventory levels between warehouses to support all sales channels.
  • Automated warehouse flows using mobile devices:
    • Stock quarantine orders.
    • qearch of articles.
    • Picking.
    • Transfers between locations.
    • Stock of articles that do not go through quarantine.
    • Shipping of the fabric to relax.
    • Inventory count journal (physical count).
    • Warehouse control by locations, racks.

Production control

  • Compare demand, inventories, reserved capacity of your subcontract providers in real time.
  • Efficient handling of multiple product dimensions in a top view.
  • Controlling the availability of articles and variants on the different processes.
  • Support for seasonal controlled shipments.

Product engineering

  • Information about the cost and recommended selling price to optimize margins
  • Construction of material lists through grids (size, cup, color, country and season).
  • Control of liberation and activation of material lists.
  • Control of style liberations and its costs.
  • Control of route versions and efficency per working centers and codes of style construction.
  • Manage of SKU

Sales order management

  • Order entry via EDI, Excel.
  • Grids for visualization of orders.
  • Optimal allocation of stock received on open orders, taking into account shortages and surpluses.
  • Massive updates of selling orders.
  • Ability to easily meet specific delivery and packing preference agreements per customer.
  • Order version control.
  • Control and automatic review of prices.
  • Shipments to different branches and shipping addresses in order of sale.
  • Issuance of packing list by branch and sales documentation.
  • Embarques a diferentes sucursales y direcciones de envío por orden de venta.
  • Emisión de lista de empaque por sucursal y documentación de ventas.

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