The manufacture of fashion includes clothing, footwear and accesories, consists on the transformation of fabrics, skins and accesories into clothing.
The processes involved in this industry can be listed generically as: (PLM) Style development, style release, acquisition of fabrics, accesories, reception, quality process on receipt, storage of raw materials, planning, cutting, sewing, quality control of final product, packaging and distribution.
As complexity, volumen, customer service and cost management are added in this process, it is necessary to use support tools that ensure that we can compete at levels of excellence.
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Production planning

As a high value-added tool for the garment industry, we refine the Dynamics 365 planning tool with options that allow you to run robust planning with concepts such as Just in time (JIT) or a planning (ASAP), which will allow planning and using your resources in the most efficient way considering the priorities of your customers, as well as giving you different scenarios.
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We have integrated for you in our specialized ERP an adequate, easy management and control of your engineering in the preproduction pase, we integrate a PLM so that no specification escapes and we provide you with a tool to dynamically operate the styles.

Variable Management

All the variables of the indusrty are enabled to use: management of variables of size, color, cup, finish, quality, as well as the ease of adding the variables of its specific turn such as cup, heel, season, etc. .
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Input management

Make the most out of the use of the fabric, allowing ATX Apparel & Textile to tell you which rolls of fabric to take for the cut, taking into account greater age, the width of the fabric, tone.
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Cowerkers looking at notebook in a modern office

Floor control

ATX Apparel&Textile also gives you the posibility to carry out a detailed floor control to know the status of your order at any time, both in the cutting plant and in the sewing. We also provide you with functionality to calculate payments by piecework, individually or by sweing module (pre-payroll)
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Quality process

Management of the process of quality of the garments, first, second and composure, always keeping in mind the flexibility in matters such as the authorization of the use of substitute materials.


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